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19 October 2008 @ 08:03 pm
Show Me The Way To Amarillo  
Hello iTunes.

Turn iTunes/Media Player on Shuffle
Your face:: 'Open Your Eyes' Fighstar
Your body:: 'Falling Down' Oasis
Your personality:: 'I Want You Back' Bananarama
What impression you leave on people:: ''Turn Off The Light' Nelly Furtado
How you dance:: 'Resurrection Shuffle' Ashton, Gardner & Dyke
Your dancing song:: 'We Go Together' Grease Soundtrack
How you sing:: 'I hope I Never' Split Enz
Your singing song:: 'Push' Matchbox 20
How you treat people:: 'Jump' Lee Ryan
How people treat you:: 'Non-Toxic' SR-71
Your best friend:: 'London Bridge' Fergie
Your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend:: Love Actually Theme
How you act around new people:: 'You Can Do It' Ice Cube
Someone you strongly dislike:: 'Suicide Girl' Eskimoo Joe
How you feel about them:: 'All My Life' K-Ci & JoJo
How they feel about you:: 'Ego (Is Not A Dirty Word)' Skyhooks
If you caught your boy/girlfriend cheating:: 'Hand in Hand' Hanson
If your crush got together with someone else:: 'Stop Calling Me' Shakaya
Their personality:: 'Feel Good Time' Pink
Their face:: 'Bring It On Back' JET
Their body:: 'White Noise' The Living End
Your future job:: 'Seen It All' Towers Of London
Where you want to live:: 'The Avenue' The Living End
Current Thoughts:: 'Dirty Little Secret' All American Rejects
Fears:: 'Burning Down The House' Tom Jones & The Cardigans
Miss someone:: 'The Last Farewell' Roger Whitaker
See a friend you haven't seen in a while:: 'Luxury' Matt Willis
Dancing in the rain:: 'Next Best Superstar' Melanie C
Bad Day:: 'Change' Dean Geyer
Amazing Day:: 'Ray Of Light' Madonna
First day of school:: 'Into Paper Walls' Russell Morris
Last day of Highschool:: 'Lady Hear Me Tonight' Modjo
Repost with a lyric of ___ as the subject:: 'Show Me The Way To Amarillo' Tony Christie

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